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Online Payday Loans: Are They Better Than Your Local Loan Providers?

Gone are the days when you are very limited in your loan selections. Before, you can only apply for payday loans from your local lending companies near you. Today, you have the option of availing for the loan without the need to go out from your home. Many online payday loans providers are operating these days with very competitive offers. But the question is; are online loan providers better than your local lending companies? If you want to know that answer then may as well read along.

Payday loans give more advantage

When it comes to loanable amount, applying for payday loans gives you more advantage. This is when you need to apply for a bigger amount. Online loan entrepreneurs are known to be more generous when it comes to the amount that they release to their clients compared to a local lending institution. This is because they are usually backed up with a bigger capital than a physical lending office. In fact, I came across a site that offers payday loans to as much as $5,000!

Local direct lender

However, local loan providers have their sets of advantages as well. If you apply from them, you can possibly get the cash that you need to as fast as 30-60 minutes from the time you applied for it. Though some online payday loan providers are very efficient in releasing cash to their clients ( as fast as 1 hour after application), majority of these types of lending institutions deposit the money within 24 hours from the time that you have applied for the loan. Sometimes, the cash may only be deposited at midnight on the next day. For someone who needs the cash for emergency reason, 24 hours of waiting may still be too long.

Online lenders

Online loan providers ensure security in their service. You have to expect that majority of these business follows certain policies as mandated by the government. A local brick and mortar loan provider will be asking you documents to qualify for the loan. And unless you are too careful in divulging confidential information, this may put you at risk when you end up with questionable companies.

Online application

If time is your utmost concern, online payday loan application can be your best pick. After all, as long as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection, you can be good to go. You need to know that it won’t take longer than 5 minutes to fill up payday loan application through the internet. But if you apply for the loan on your local lending institution, you have to invest some time for the travel and wait in long lines in their offices.


However, for late repayment, a local loan provider can be more willing to give favorable considerations. Online loan providers usually withdraw the amount electronically from your account before you even ask forgiveness for late repayment. If you feel that online application is more private than its brick and mortar counterpart, you have to know that the opposite can be true when it comes to online marketing strategies. Without your knowledge, you personal information may be sold to marketing companies which only means that you can never really enjoy 100% confidentiality when applying online.